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In addition to our well-known wedding and engagement rings, ELIZZA™ lovingly crafts diamond rings with an almost endless variety of diamond settings, shapes and alloys. We also have a wide selection of other fabulous jewelry. Browse our ensemble of jewelry and grab stylish gold rings, sophisticated necklace and bracelet arrangements, exquisite earrings and more.


All around

Jewellery Service

Elaborate repairs are perfectly executed under the microscope in our modern atelier. Of course, we clean and inspect your jewelry for a lifetime free of charge. We offer this service to our valued ELIZZA™ customers at any time without an appointment.


Rhodium plating


Diamond setting


Size adjustment




GIA certified

Premium diamonds

We attach the highest importance to the clarity, color and cut of our diamonds. Starting from 0.20 Ct. we offer for each diamond as an option a GIA certificate, which additionally guarantees you the ethical values regarding the origin of your diamond, according to Kimberley process. Each diamond is hand-selected by experts and checked for over 30 characteristics. At ELIZZA™ you truly get the most beautiful diamonds in the world.


Finest materials

Platinum & Gold

ELIZZA™ engagement & wedding rings are exquisitely made of platinum (950) & gold (750/585). By mixing alloy metals, colors, hardness levels & other properties of precious metals are determined. From the processes we use, result flawless products of the very highest brand level.




With ELIZZA™ you enjoy a lifetime warranty, this includes defects, due to faulty manufacturing. Excluded are damages & signs of use, especially due to shocks and the usual abrasion of rhodium plating. ELIZZA™ jewelry is manufactured to the highest Swiss standards.

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