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In addition to its renowned wedding and engagement rings, ELIZZA™ lovingly produces many other diamond rings with an almost infinite variety in terms of shape, alloy, material thickness and diamond setting. We also have a wide range of other fabulous jewellery pieces. Browse through our huge ensemble of everyday jewellery and get hold of stylish gold rings, refined necklace and bracelet arrangements, exquisite earrings and much more: everything that makes the jeweller’s heart beat faster. You will find this rich assortment exclusively in our own online shop.

At ELIZZA™, we offer premium quality services.

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Rhodium plating

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Diamond setting

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Size adjustment

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All around

Jewellery Service

Enjoy ELIZZA™'s premium jewellery service. We clean your jewellery at any time and free of charge. Of course, we also offer the following services: Sizing, Rhodium plating, polishing, diamond settings.


GIA certified

Premium diamonds

ELIZZA™ diamonds pass the very highest requirements of the GIA institution, which rigorously certifies internationally according to the strictest characteristics. From 0.30 ct. upwards, every diamond in ELIZZA™ engagement rings is certified by GIA and thus guarantees first-class quality - we place the highest value on the colour, clarity and cut of our diamonds. As ethics is a central element in our collaboration with our suppliers, we only source diamonds from conflict-free regions.


Finest materials

Platinum & Gold

ELIZZA™ wedding rings are made from platinum (950) & gold (750 / 585). The mixing of alloy metals determines the colour, hardness, fineness & other properties of the precious metals. The processes we use to blend them result in a flawless product of the very highest standard. For a lifetime!




With ELIZZA™ | Fine Jewellery you enjoy a lifetime guarantee - this covers any damage or defect caused by faulty manufacture. Excluded are signs of wear, especially the usual abrasion of rhodium plating. ELIZZA™ jewellery is manufactured to the highest international standards.



Price guarantee

One of our basic guidelines is the adequate price/performance ratio. Our premise is: Best quality at the best price. This applies to platinum as well as to gold jewellery and diamonds. If, at the time of purchase, you discover the same wedding ring or engagement ring from our collection at a lower price from one of our competitors, do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee to offer you the best deal.

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