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Engagement rings made to measure

One of the most important criteria in the engagement ring is the taste of the beloved. In addition, the size of the diamond, and not least the size of the ring finger. The latter is an important question, because a perfect engagement ring is made to measure and only slightly adjusted after the wedding proposal - so the recommendation. By sizing an engagement ring, pressure is imparted to the ring band. This pressure has a negative effect on the setting of the diamonds when the ring is worn for a long time. The result is cracks or worse, losing precious diamonds in the long run.

For this reason, the team of ELIZZA™ has thought of something unique in the world - the engagement ring made to measure!


Choose a style

On the way to your dream ring, start by choosing the style. We offer you a wide range of different styles with our iconic engagement ring collection: Halo, Hidden Halo, Solitaire, Three stone, Modern, Classic.


Choose a diamond shape

The absolute highlight on your finger: the diamond that adorns the engagement ring. The diamond will claim the most attention, whether the ring is shown to family or friends or simply attracts attention when worn. So choose from different diamond shapes the one that perfectly expresses your love: classic round, extravagant heart, discreet cushion or any other suitable shape.


Choose the material

The engagement ring will seamlessly match the jewelry you already wear if the metal is chosen correctly. We offer a wide variety of materials to best match your style. Choose between 14K, 18K or platinum, between white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. If we can't match your style with these, feel free to ask us about the other materials we use for our engagement rings.


The marriage proposal

On this special day, your fiancée and the engagement ring become the big protagonists. The demand for perfection is justified and can upset some people. We will give you the serenity to approach the moment of truth in a relaxed manner: For the proposal, we will make you an authentic replica of your chosen piece of jewellery. This allows us to further customise the ring at a later date to suit your fiancée's taste. Leave nothing to chance - with us you will ask the question of all questions confidently and with the greatest bravura.


Measuring the ring size

Every ring should be as unique as its privileged wearer and should be preserved for eternity as an exclusive custom-made piece. We therefore look forward to welcoming you and your fiancée together in our ELIZZA™ Boutique after the proposal. During the visit, the exact ring size will be determined and you will also be offered the opportunity to change the model if another is preferred. Finally, our workshop receives the order for the handmade production of your engagement ring. This flexibility is very much appreciated by our customers.


Control & Delivery of your engagement ring

As soon as your engagement ring has successfully passed our rigorous quality tests, we will contact you to personally hand over your everyday companion. Last but not least, you will receive important tips on how to care for your new piece of jewellery, as well as information on the extensive free service at ELIZZA™.

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