We offer a wide selection of engagement rings for the most impressive marriage proposal. Various wedding rings perfectly matching your jewelry and the best advice for your own ideas and creations. The team of ELIZZA™ will be happy to assist you fully from the beginning and help you where you ask for help.


1. Quality

At ELIZZA™, we exclusively use materials made of precious metals - Thus, each of our haute joaillerie creations becomes a unique piece created especially for you.


2. Value

Only a small selection of the highest quality, most beautiful diamonds are considered by us.

3. Clients

The dedication to our vocation is vividly palpable and our enthusiasm for what we do is warmly and sustainably conveyed to every customer.


4. Sustainable

Identification and dedication to our craft and ethical use of resources has been a tradition at ELIZZA™ since its founding.


We have a surprise for you!

The ELIZZA™ Guarantee

ELIZZA™ offers you the unique opportunity to always be on the right side with your ring when proposing.


For a lifetime

Unsere Trauringe sind elegante Boten Ihrer tiefsten Emotionen und versprühen einen dezenten Hauch an Extravaganz. Als leidenschaftlicher Juwelier unterstützen wir Sie bei der Wahl mit grösstem Feingefühl und Hingabe an unser gemeinsames Ziel: Die Kreation Ihres perfekten Diamant-Trauringes.

Setting in Love

Ein Symbol Ihrer bedingungsloser Liebe und eine aussagekräftige Liebeserklärung an die Einzigartigkeit Ihrer Verlobten: Der perfekte Diamant-Verlobungsring.


The solitaire engagement ring is the most common choice in engagement rings. It is considered an iconic symbol of commitment, captivating with its simplicity and beauty.



The expressiveness of a halo staging lies in the imposing highlighting of the central gemstone by surrounding it with smooth, smaller nuances.



Pavé engagement rings feature tiny diamonds arranged around the band, giving the impression of a solid diamond area.


Three Stone

Three unique diamonds that symbolize your shared past, present and future make the Three-Stone Setting the perfect gift.


Eternal bands

An everlasting souvenir of the most beautiful day of your life and a meaningful expression of your love. Seal the bond of marriage with your exquisite dream ring - a diamond ring worthy of this fateful moment.

Certified by GIA

Independently Graded for Quality

All ELIZZA™ diamonds are accompanied by a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a leading independent authority on quality. Each GIA grading report has a unique number that details the individual characteristics of the diamond. The unique report number is laser engraved into the diamond's roundel to link the stone to its GIA appraisal.


Our Everday Diamonds

Your daily dose of sparkle

Beautifully slender, incredibly scintillating, and with the kind of sparkle that stuns you, and everybody else around you.

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Stay up to date as we transform the world of diamond jewellery


Hand crafted with passion

Swissness gepaart mit internationaler Kompetenz:

Die lokale Produktion, die Instandhaltung unseres traditionellen Handwerks, die sorgfältige Auswahl der Materialien, das einzigartige Design und die Kooperation mit lokalen Partnern stehen in der Führung unseres familienbetriebenen Ateliers im Vordergrund.

Unverhandelbare Faktoren sind stets unsere Nachhaltigkeitsprinzipien gegenüber Menschen und Umwelt. Identifikation und Hingabe für unser Handwerk und ethisch korrekter Umgang mit den Ressourcen hat im Hause ELIZZA™ seit der Gründung Tradition. Der vehementen Aufrechthaltung dieser Prinzipien verdanken wir die Treue unserer Partner und Lieferanten.

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