Your engagement ring experts

We offer a wide selection of engagement rings for the most impressive marriage proposal. Various wedding rings perfectly matching your jewelry and the best advice for your own ideas and creations. The team of ELIZZA™ will be happy to assist you fully from the beginning and help you where you ask for help.


1. Quality

At ELIZZA™, we place the utmost importance on quality. Therefore, we use only precious metals to offer you unique haute joaillerie creations that will give you years of pleasure.


2. Value

When selecting our diamonds, we carefully and fastidiously ensure that we only add the most beautiful and eye-catching stones to our selection in order to offer our customers a unique choice.

3. Clients

We live our vocation with passion and transfer this to our customers in a warm way. Our enthusiasm creates a welcoming atmosphere.


4. Sustainable

Identification and dedication to our craft and ethical use of resources has been a tradition at ELIZZA™ since its founding.


The ELIZZA™ Guarantee

World's first jeweler with the mockup service for engagement and wedding rings!

We know that buying an engagement ring is an important decision, and we want to make sure you find the perfect ring. As the world's first jeweler, we offer them our unique mockup service. With our service, you can get an authentic model of the ring to present to your partner when you propose. This way you can be sure that the ring fits perfectly and has the model you want. Our customization guarantees that the ring will be made exactly to your specifications. Come to us to find your perfect ring and make your marriage proposal an unforgettable experience. With our mockup service, anything is possible.


A sign of infinite connectedness

Our wedding rings are elegant messengers of your deepest emotions and exude a subtle touch of extravagance. As a passionate jeweler, we support you in your choice with the greatest sensitivity and dedication to our common goal: the creation of your perfect diamond wedding ring.

United in love and eternity

A shining diamond engagement ring that shows you love your fiancée unconditionally and cherish her uniqueness. A stunning symbol of your endless affection and an irrefutable declaration of love that will remain forever embedded in her heart.


The solitaire engagement ring is the preferred jewel for engagements, known for its iconic and timeless beauty. With its elegant simplicity, it embodies the indescribable bond of attachment.


Halo staging accentuates the main diamond with a frame of shiny smaller gemstones, giving it an impressive presence. A symbol of the incomparable beauty and expressiveness of your love.


Pavé engagement rings are particularly characterized by their tiny diamonds around the band, which simulate a solid diamond area. They offer a precious and sparkling look for brides and grooms who prefer a particularly elegant and eye-catching ring.

Three Stone

With its three unique diamonds, the Three-Stone Setting symbolizes the shared past, present and future, making it the perfect gift. This special symbolism makes it an emotional statement and an unforgettable reminder of significant life events.


Eternal bands

An everlasting souvenir of the most beautiful day of your life and a meaningful expression of your love. Seal the bond of marriage with your exquisite dream ring - a diamond ring worthy of this fateful moment.

Certified by GIA

Independently Graded for Quality

All ELIZZA™ diamonds are accompanied by a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a leading independent authority on quality. Each GIA grading report has a unique number that details the individual characteristics of the diamond. The unique report number is laser engraved into the diamond's roundel to link the stone to its GIA appraisal.


Our Everday Diamonds

Your daily dose of sparkle

Our Everyday Diamonds bring sparkle to your life every day. With their sparkling charm and stunning shine, they are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Whether for special events or everyday outfits, these gemstones will always bring a glow to your face. Let yourself be enchanted by elegance and sparkle.


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Hand crafted with passion

Swissness paired with international competence:

Local production, maintenance of our traditional craftsmanship, careful selection of materials, unique design and cooperation with local partners are at the forefront of the management of our family-run atelier.

Non-negotiable factors are always our sustainability principles towards people and environment. Identification and dedication to our craft and ethical use of resources has been a tradition at ELIZZA™ since its inception. We owe the loyalty of our partners and suppliers to the vehement upholding of these principles.

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