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Wedding ring

Classic Alliance Grand

Grand | For her | 14K Rose gold | 50% | Natural

From3’400.00 CHF


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In the heart of our atelier, where passion meets precision, the ELIZZA™ Classic Alliance wedding ring comes to life—a timeless tale of love and commitment woven into its very essence.

Picture this: A circle of diamonds, each one carefully chosen to symbolize a moment, a shared glance, a quiet promise. As you run your fingers along the band, you embark on a journey through the milestones of a relationship. The diamonds, like chapters in a love story, reflect the enduring brilliance of a union.

From the first spark to the shared dreams, this ring captures the essence of your unique narrative. The diamonds, meticulously set around the band, whisper the promises made and kept, shimmering in silent celebration of the shared joy and unwavering commitment.

With the ELIZZA™ Classic Alliance wedding ring, your love story takes center stage. Crafted not just with skillful hands but with the spirit of romance, this ring becomes a chapter in your personal saga—a symbol of a love that withstands the test of time.

Alloy: Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold

Diamond set: VS G-F EX

Diamond type

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Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds are fascinating jewels that carry a unique history of formation. Over millions of years, they were formed under extreme conditions deep in the earth, which gives them a special charm. Their natural formation conveys a certain mystical aura that has captivated people since time immemorial.

It is no wonder that natural diamonds are extremely sought after by collectors and investors. Their rarity and high value make them highly sought-after objects. Compared to lab-grown diamonds, they command a higher price because they are more precious due to their limited availability and the complex extraction process.

The search for natural diamonds is challenging due to their difficulty to find. They do not occur in large quantities, and selection can therefore be limited. This results in limited inventories and can affect availability.

Natural diamonds are sought after not only as jewelry, but also as fascinating witnesses to natural history. Their uniqueness and long history make them valuable and sought-after gemstones that will continue to exert an incomparable fascination in the future.


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Stone setting


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For her


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With a stone setting of 100% and a ring size of 53, the carat weight will be approx. 1.15ct.


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14K Rose gold

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