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Engagement Ring

Elena Emerald

Emerald | 14K Yellow gold | Natural | EZA Certified | 0.20ct VS2 G

From2’490.00 CHF


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This noble diamond engagement ring captivates with its fine, supple approach to the graceful halo that surrounds the main stone and accentuates it in a simply masterful way.

Alloy: Platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold

Diamonds - Pavé: VS G-F EX

Pictures shown: 0.50 ct, 1.50 ct & 3.00 ct

Diamond type

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Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds are fascinating jewels that carry a unique history of formation. Over millions of years, they were formed under extreme conditions deep in the earth, which gives them a special charm. Their natural formation conveys a certain mystical aura that has captivated people since time immemorial.

It is no wonder that natural diamonds are extremely sought after by collectors and investors. Their rarity and high value make them highly sought-after objects. Compared to lab-grown diamonds, they command a higher price because they are more precious due to their limited availability and the complex extraction process.

The search for natural diamonds is challenging due to their difficulty to find. They do not occur in large quantities, and selection can therefore be limited. This results in limited inventories and can affect availability.

Natural diamonds are sought after not only as jewelry, but also as fascinating witnesses to natural history. Their uniqueness and long history make them valuable and sought-after gemstones that will continue to exert an incomparable fascination in the future.


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Carat weight

0.20 ct

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Diamond category

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EZA Certified

Our EZA certification vouches for an exclusive selection of the highest quality diamonds, second to none. Every single diamond we use has been carefully handpicked to guarantee you unique beauty. Don't hesitate to ask us about it - we'll be happy to explain the difference in detail. Or continue reading here for more exciting information.


Carefully hand-selected diamonds of the highest quality, whose brilliance and beauty are unsurpassed.

  • Clarity: VS2
  • Color: G

EZA Certified VS2 G

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Diamond shape


14K Yellow gold

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The ELIZZA™ Guarantee

World's first jeweler with the mockup service for engagement and wedding rings!

We know that buying an engagement ring is an important decision, and we want to make sure you find the perfect ring. As the world's first jeweler, we offer them our unique mockup service. With our service, you can get an authentic model of the ring to present to your partner when you propose. This way you can be sure that the ring fits perfectly and has the model you want. Our customization guarantees that the ring will be made exactly to your specifications. Come to us to find your perfect ring and make your marriage proposal an unforgettable experience. With our mockup service, anything is possible.

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